2019 Young Men’s Day Festival

The Young Men’s Traditional Festival Day is next week, Friday, January 25 th and is fast approaching.

Right now they are looking for a place to hold their Special Day.

Gabriel Suarak and Abele Ikkusek are the two AngajukKat.

Suarak says there are 8 young men who will be celebrating their day and 3 of them are first timers.

He says they held a meeting last Monday at the Nigivik Center.

The volunteers cooks for their day is Maria Ikkusek and Pauline Tuglavina, and Mikkie Obed and William Matt Barbour will be the helpers.

Suarak says so far the donations they’re approved of is from local businesses : ham from Haynes Store, turkey and vegetables from Northern and the Nain community freezer will donate char and moose meat.

He says the Nigivik center will also provide food which is needed for their meals.

Suarak says they still need to raise more funds for food and miscellaneous.

The fee for the Young Men whose participating is as follows: first timers pays $15 and the ones that joined before pays $25.

He adds that they’ve written a letter to NICG/CYN to ask about holding a dance at the end of their Festival day, up to now there is no response.

The next young men’s day meeting will be held tonight at 6pm at the Nain Husky Center Lobby.