Youth Inspirational Photo Contest

The Youth Division along with the Department of Health and Social Development has a Youth Inspirational Photo contest out.

This contest is to show appreciation for activities you may enjoy if its sports, drama, choir, out on the land, or a significant person that positively impacted your daily life i.e. a coach or teacher.

Attach a picture with a brief description about the photo on how the activities/person positively impacted your life.

1st chance to win an ASUS laptop.

5 chances to win Beats headphones.

12 photos will be chosen for a calendar for the 2021 year.

This contest is open to all Inuit Youth (Nunatsiavut) between the ages 13-30 and the deadline is June 1st, 2020.

You will also be required to fill out photograph/video release form
EMAIL Photos to:
Mike Mitsuk (Hopedale):
Crystal Allen (Nain):