Youth Activities

The Nain Youth Outreach Worker held a scavenger hunt for the youth aged 13 to 30 years around the community.

We spoke with Kim Oliver who is the Youth Outreach worker in Nain.

The hunt was to get the youth’s mind off the COVID-19 virus and to have something to do since all recreation activities have been suspended.

Oliver says there was a total of 4 youth who participated in the Hunt and did a good job on the search.

The youth was able to participate to hunt items that was in their household or from outside locations.

Once they had the items, they would take a picture and post them on the Nain Youth Outreach page on facebook.

The youth had to take a picture of items that was round, something made of plastic, something green, something that starts with “H”, something old, something you can play with, something used outdoors, a spruce bud, a rock, a twig, a gas can, a spark plug, a piece of freshwater ice, snowshoes, a snowball, a feather, skates, a selfie by the dock and a their favourite book.

Oliver would like to add that she is looking for a great picture to use as a cover photo on the Facebook page.

So, if there is anyone who would like to submit their picture, you can post it on the Nain Youth Outreach by Friday, March 27th.

Oliver will then do a draw and the winner will receive a $25 Northern gift card.

Oliver would like to remind our audience that the Youth Centre is only used for emergencies.