Year End Review for February 2021

Feb.2 is Widows Traditional Day, there were 4 widows celebrating and they went to church at 10 am and to the closing service at 5 pm. The Polar Bear Hunt started today with 12 available licences. It’s Groundhog Day also, it did not see its shadow and predicted an early spring.

Feb.3 saw that the 2022 Cains Quest was postponed to 2023. The Nunatsiavut Assembly First Sitting concluded today.

Feb.7 Music NL honoured the Nain Church Choir and the Nain Brass Band with its 2020 Lifetime Achievement Award.

Feb.9 unexpectedly saw 30 new cases of COVID-19 in the province.

Feb.10 the Labrador Creative Arts Festival will be held virtually this year.

Feb.11 Mark Brace of Bishop Falls was still waiting for paperwork to be ironed out through the summer to restart work at Ten Mile Bay. NL reported 100 new cases in the province. Non-essential travel was discouraged by NG to the province. NG also advised Nunatsiavut beneficiaries of changes to the allocation of gasoline and snowmobile oil (lube) under the COVID-19 Emergency Harvesters Support Program. Second dose of the Moderna vaccine was announced to start in the communities from Feb.11-Feb.16. Investigations were ongoing in the province in regards to the sudden outbreak and new protocols was put in place.

Feb.15 renovations was completed at the Labrador Friendship Centre. A presumptive positive test at Vale NL camp came back negative. The OK Society went into lockdown, meaning no visitors, and to send in requests by phone or email. The province was currently in it’s highest COVID-19 level and moved to Alert Level 5. 500 NL health care staff were in isolation.

Feb.18, the Canadian Constituency election unofficial results was announced and was as follows: Susan Sonya Onalik 218, Zippie Nochasak 186, Diane Gear-White 178, Patricia Kay Voisey 60, Selina Legge 34 and Sabina Jung 8.

Feb.22 there was a wakeup call of COVID-19 in the town of Makkovik, the results were negative. Coastal community freezers starts frozen food deliveries and leave it on people’s steps due to the pandemic. NL reported 14 cases a total of 407 in the province.

Feb.23, Susan Sonya Onalik was declared the winner for the Canadian Constituency position. The ban for the George River Caribou Herd has not changed. Torngat Regional Housing Association and crew went into lockdown on the north coast earlier this month. NL reported 15 new cases that leads to 372 in the province including some other businesses.

Feb. 24 Mud Lake received their first dose of the vaccine today.