Violence prevention workshops

Violence Prevention Labrador is busy traveling to some of the north coast communities to host self defence workshops.

Petrina Beals is the Executive Director with Violence Prevention Labrador.
Women will learn many different techniques and tips and strategies for their personal safety.

She says they are currently in Hopedale this week to hold sessions for women and for young female youth.

They are hosting the self defence workshops at katingavik building in the (Afterschool building).
Workshops will be offered every evening until Thursday.

So far she held workshops in Rigolet last March and recently completed workshops in Makkovik last week.

Beals says she will be traveling to Nain on Monday June 24.

The next one will be held this evening at 6pm in Hopedale.

If you would like to join in the self defence workshop please call 933-3717 to leave a message.