Update on the Prototype Units in Nain

The applicants have been chosen and notified for the new prototype building in Nain, NL.

Michelle Kinney is the Deputy Minister of Health and Social Development for the Nunatsiavut Government.

She says that the six applicants are notified about the units at the prototype building, and are moving in on June 15, 2018.

The units are alcohol and smoke free; they have to maintain the units and keep them tidy.

Because it is a prototype experiment, there will be a couple of times in which they will have to allow a researcher to go in to look at the heating, etc.

Kinney added that there will be a supportive living six or seven plex built in Nain for families who are at risk of losing their children to CSSD, or potentially have their children returned if they have proper housing.

Kinney adds that hopefully this building will be started this summer like the one built in Hopedale last year that is just being finished, and hopefully be moved into in a month or so.

The one in Nain was delayed due to land issues, but Kinney says hopefully this time next year they will be selecting families for those units in Nain.