Update on Nigivik Center

The Nigivik Centre in Nain is busy once again with their programs and services.

Shelley Dicker is the Community Food Worker here in Nain.

She says drop in is available this afternoon from 1:30 to 3pm for those who would like to make some panitsiat.

Tomorrow, May 14 the menu is changed, they were scheduled to cook shrimp and Alfredo but she will be teaching anyone how to make bread instead.

On Friday, May 17, the Centre will hold another drop in for anyone who would like to make a meal of soup.

Dicker says programs are run at the Nigivik Centre; programs are open to anyone.

If there is interest in learning how to make anything, she is open to add new things to the menu and they are always flexible to do evening programs.

She is looking for anyone who would want to do any programs on weekends on Saturday, can give her a call.

Dicker also adds that she will be partnering with Althaya Solomon on starting a Biggest Loser Challenge for ladies starting this week.

This challenge will be going on for 8 weeks for anyone wanting to join in this challenge.

Solomon will be taking care of the money and Dicker will be keeping track of the weigh in’s and the meetings at the Nigivik.

Dicker says one of the rules for the Biggest Loser Challenge is if there’s a pound gained, they would have to put in a dollar, and the monies put in will be going towards the winner.

She would also like to notify the public that everything in this challenge will be confidential.

So, anyone wanting to participate in the Bread Making tomorrow can drop by the Nigivik Centre.

And anyone interested in the biggest loser challenge can contact Althaya Solomon through Facebook and/or Shelley Dicker at the Nigivik Centre.

And if there’s anything that anyone would want to be changed with the Nigivik programs, for families wanting to do any programs food wise, can contact Shelley at 922-2968.