Trout Festival

This year marks the 32nd Annual Trout Festival in Makkovik.

Krista Mitchell is the Director of Recreation and Community Events.

This year the Trout Festival will be from Thursday, August 11 until Saturday, August 13th, 2022.

On Thursday, the festival will start with an open house at the White Elephant Museum.

There will be children’s activities such as Water mania, bouncy castles for children and a community BBQ hosted by Vale.

There will be a parade, a dart tournament, and fireworks to end the day.

On Friday, the dart tournament will continue, families will be having a sculpture contest, and, in the evening, there will be bingo and more darts.

On Saturday, August 3, the amazing plant race will begin for children, along with a miniature boat race.

There will be a fair and a community feast at the J.C Erhardt Memorial School.

There will be trout, salmon, char, turkey, ham and musk ox.

To end the festival, there will be a dance where the Silver Wolf Band and a couple musicians who will be performing.

The OK Radio will get the times for the festival from Mitchell when the Trout Festival starts.