Trout Fest in Makkovik

The 28th Annual Trout Festival in Makkovik started August 7th and will run until August 11, 2018.

Day 3 the festival started at 10am with trout festival treasure hunt for ages 6 and up and they meet at the Youth centre.

11am Watermania ages 12-14 was by the museum.

1pm Watermania for ages 8-11 was by the museum.

2pm Watermania ages 7 years old.

4pm Community Barbeque down by the museum hosted by Vale.

6pm Trout Festival BINGO 2x $1000 to go.

All regular games $100.

Tickets on items.

Selling cards 3-5 at the Youth centre.

10pm Men’s soccer team presents “The Beer Olympics” ages 19 plus, Contact Chesley Evans for more details.

OK Radio will have this weekend’s Trout festival events for you tomorrow.