Trail Markers

Trails are being made later this year than last year.

According to the Grand River Snowmobile Club page on Facebook, here is an update on North coast trails.

Trail section in Mudlake and Churchill River crossing marked and groomed.

Trail section from Happy Valley Goose-Bay to Northwest River is marked and groomed by GRSC.

Trail section from Northwest River to Separation Lake is groomed and marked to Mulligan.

No grooming or marking north of Mulligan but condition is fairly good.

Northwest River is planning to send groomer North of Mulligan Monday.

Trail section from Separation Lake to Makkovik and Postville is marked and is ongoing. No grooming due to lack of snow.

Postville to Little Neck and Iggiak on Kaipokok Bay towards Hopedale and Makkovik marking is ongoing.

Trail section from Iggiak to Hopedale not marked due to late freeze up.

Trail section from Hopedale to Natuashish marking is ongoing and roughly 3/4 done.

Trail section from Natuashish to Nain marking is ongoing and is late start due to poor ice conditions.

Trail section from Mulligan to Rigolet is groomed out of Rigolet to Valleys Bite.