Townley to Moderate Presidential Election Debate

The Nunatsiavut Assembly has selected a moderator to oversee the upcoming Presidential election debate.

Sarah Townley, a Labrador Inuk originally from Hebron, who currently resides in North West River, has been a strong advocate for the retention of Labrador Inuttitut.

Along with the Clerk of the Nunatsiavut Assembly, Ms. Townley will begin the process of formulating five questions that will be directed to each of the candidates during the all-Inuttitut debate which in accordance with the Nunatsiavut Elections Act, must take place within one week of the close of nominations.

Presidential elections are held every four hours on the first Tuesday of May.

This year’s election will take place on May 5th, with nominations set to close on March 31st.

Details on the location, timing, and broadcasting of the debate have yet to be determined.