Tomorrow’s Schedule for Rigolet Salmon Festival

The Salmon Festival in Rigolet is now into day 3.

Here is tomorrow’s schedule:

Saturday, August 11, 2018

10 am to 11 am Jacinda Beals Band will be performing.

10 am to 12 pm, Booth Games (25 cents for kids and 50 cents for adults)

Bingo cards, 50/50 and BYOB tickets will be sold at this time.

At 1 pm Justin Foley Kids Entertainment.

Also at 1 pm is the Strong Man/Strong Woman Competition.

5pm is the Salmon Fest at the Hall.

6pm, Closing Ceremonies at the Hall

7:30 pm, Giant Bingo.

10 pm Fireworks at the Rock Dock.

And to end off the Salmon Fest is the BYOB at the Hall.

Jacinda Beals will once again be performing, and it is a $10 entry fee.