Theoren Fleury coming to Nain

Theoren Fleury, a former Canadian professional ice hockey player who played in the (NHL) National hockey league will be coming to Nain tomorrow, Friday, February 8, 2019.

Fluery is a Stanley cup champion, Olympic gold medalist, World cup junior champion and is an expert in the field of relational trauma, also from winning the Stanley cup to struggling with substance abuse and coping with sexual abuse as a young hockey player.

He will be presenting a wealth of knowledge to the topics pursuing excellence, personal growth and overcoming sexual abuse and trauma.

Fleury will have a presentation at the Jens Haven Memorial school gym for grades 7 and up.

And at 6:30pm Fleury will be at the Jeremias Sillett Community Centre for a community presentation, there will be a community feast and seafood will be served.

After the presentation Theoren Fluery will be signing autographs and will be taking photos. There will also be photos for sale for anyone to purchase.

For more information please contact the Nain DHSD at 922-2126 or 922-2183