The Nain Inuit Community Freezer Update

The Nain Community Freezer will be taking the following measures to ensure residents have access to traditional wild food during the COVID-19 pandemic:

The Community Freezer is closed to the public at this time.

We will be starting a delivery system this week. If you would like to receive meat from the Community Freezer:

1) Please call 922-2380 on Monday or Tuesday morning (8:30-12:00). Staff will take your name and address to have meat delivered to your house on Thursday’s (weather permitting, Friday as a backup day).

2) Staff will drop off meat on your doorstep during the day and we ask that someone be home to receive it.

If there are harvesters that would like to hunt for the Community Freezer please call 922-2380 on Monday or Tuesday morning or contact Research Center staff (Liz Pijogge or Carla Pamak) to arrange a time to drop off meat.

The health and well-being of the community is our top priority and we will do our best to make sure community members have access to wild food. We would like to thank you for your patience during this time.