Thanksgiving Sale

The Thanksgiving sale turned out to be successful in the communities of Hopedale and Nain while Makkovik’s sale has been postponed.

We spoke with Joan Andersen in Makkovik.

Andersen says that the sale has been postponed to next week, October 18th, due to a funeral.

Donations of baked goods and other food items are still welcome at the church on the display in the Moravian church.

Sarah Jensen is from Hopedale.

She says the sale took place outside beside the church and there have been a total of $2630 donated to the church.

There were goods auctioned including sorts of birds, seal meat, ukalik, wood, and much more.

Jensen would like to thank everyone for the support and all donations will go towards the church.

We spoke with Deidi Kohlmeister here in Nain.

She says a total of $1,269 was raised for the church from donations around town and elsewhere. And Betsy Lidd was the winner of the ticket draw for the cake.

Kohlmeister says a big thank you to everyone that gave donations for the sale.