Terry Fox Run

The Terry Fox run event will be held on Sunday, September 18, 2022.

It will be 42 years when Terry first started his walk to fight cancer.

So, lets join on that day and keep this special event going.

That day on April 18, 1980, Terry started his walk at 3pm travelling with Doug to Outer Cove Beach to collect two bottles of Atlantic Sea water.

He planned to keep one as a souvenir, and pouring the second one in the Pacific Ocean when he arrived home, but the blustery ocean carried one out to sea. At 3pm Terry met with Mayor Dorothy Wyatt and had a brief ceremony and began his Marathon of Hope with a 12-mile run.

He said, “I had a police escort out of the city and many people followed me in cars, the mayor ran a few steps with me. Along the way everyone was honking and waving.”