TB Screening (Audio)

A public meeting was held in Nain on Tuesday, November 13, 2018 to provide an overview of plans to increase awareness of Tuberculosis (TB).

Also to outline what steps are being taken to screen as many of the residents in Nain as possible.

DHSD in collaboration with LGH are encouraging the residents to get screened for TB, for who have not been tested or screened.

There have been 600 people screened and looking at another 400 yet to be tested.

And to date since March there have been 25 people treated with active TB.

Sylvia Doody is the Nunatsiavut Director of Health Services, and Dr. Gabe Woolam Vice-President of Medical Services with LGH.

To hear us speak with Doody and Woolam to discuss information about being screened for TB and how this can help the community to reduce the number of cases and prevent the spread of the disease, click HERE.