TaKuaKautik Food Bank

The next give away for the TaKuaKautik food bank will be January 30th from 6-8pm at the Nigivik Centre. The community is reminded to call into the toll free number 709-700-4739 to place an order.

And intake forms can be picked up at the clinic, Nunatsiavut government building porch, family connections staff, and the Nigivik centre.

The intake forms can be filled ahead of time and dropped off when you are picking up your bag or filled at the Nigivik centre on January 30th from 6-8pm with the help of a volunteer.

A reminder to the community:

**The TaKuaKautik will be handing out food once a month only**

It will be on the one day a month that is designated and advertised. If people miss this date, you will have to wait until the next month to pick up food.

The Food Bank volunteers are asking to please make sure to put extra effort into making an order and picking up a bag on that one day of the giveaway.

TaKuaKautik food bank is run completely by volunteers and due to the amount of work put into the food bank, this is what they are able to provide for the community until further notice.

Also please note: The Nigivik is not a part of the TaKuaKautik food bank. It is just space the TaKuaKautik volunteers use once a month for the give always. Nigivik staff are NOT food bank staff.

If you have any questions please reach out to the food bank committee.