Safety training

The Labrador Aboriginal Training Partnership is holding their first Safety Training today.

This is a great way to support individuals who need the safety training to continue in finding employment and a great way to access work at the Voisey’s Bay or other industrial sites, but you first must have these certificates.

For individuals who applied and were accepted will be having their first safety training today, the Power line Hazard is scheduled and started at 1pm.

The training will be going on now until the 24th.

Here is the list of what they will be focusing on for the rest of the week:

• On March 19 & 20 will be focusing on Fall Protection
• On 21st and 22nd will be Standard First Aid Training
• On 23rd, in the morning will be Transportation of Dangerous Goods.
• And in the afternoon, they will be ending their training with WHMIS.

And the 11 day training for the Camp Attendant will be on the March 30th.

For more information, you can call Janelle Barbour at 922-1800.