Reality Show is Filmed in North West River

Labrador’s first and only television series has been renewed for a second season.

In June, Bell Media, the parent company of Discovery Channel confirmed it will make another 12 episodes of “Last Stop Garage”, the comedy-reality show set in North West River’s CRB Rebuild and Recreation shop.

‘Last Stop Garage’, aptly named as it is the only one in North West River, which is literally at the end of the road, features Baikie and a cast of characters, all CRB employees, pulling off MacGyver-like fixes and builds on Frankenmachines of all kinds.

Baikie’s highlights from season one were two episodes in particular: episode 12, in which they helped the town of Mud Lake recover from flooding by building a barge to move construction materials; and episode 1, in which they fused a broken-down tow truck with a giant skidder to create an off-road rescue machine.

One character that won’t be on screen much, if at all, is the sharp-witted, bombastic former manager of CRB (and Labradorian columnist) Stan Oliver. Oliver suffered a heart attack recently and is still recovering, Baikie said.