RCMP provides update on plane crash in Mistastin Lake, Labrador

RCMP police officers with the Underwater Recovery Team, Labrador General Investigation Section, and Air Services, along with Ground Search and Rescue from Nain, will set up today at the site of the plane crash in Mistastin Lake, which occurred on Monday, July 15.

The team of expert police divers, investigators and search and rescue personnel were prepared to be at the scene yesterday but high winds and heavy rains prevented air travel. Mistastin Lake is located in a very remote area of Labrador, situated approximately 100 kilometres southwest of Nain, and is accessible only by air.

The investigation was handed over to RCMP Newfoundland and Labrador late Tuesday, July 16, from the Maritime Joint Rescue Coordination Centre, which identified the site of the crash and recovered three bodies in the area of the wreckage. Extensive planning of logistics by RCMP has occurred and is particularly crucial given the remoteness of the location; weather unpredictability; and the need to transport personnel, specialized equipment, such as side scan sonar, and boats to the site by air.

The goal of the operation is to locate the remaining four occupants of the plane. General information about the seven occupants is noted below:

1. Pilot – 66-year-old man from Quebec (missing)
2. Guide – 50-year-old man from NL (missing)
3. Guide – 47-year-old man from NL (located, deceased)
4. Passenger – 67-year-old man from New Jersey (located, deceased)
5. Passenger – 66-year-old man from Illinois (located, deceased)
6. Passenger – 40-year-old man from Indiana (missing)
7. Passenger – 38-year-old man from Illinois (missing)

Further updates will be provided as new information becomes available.