Postville/Makkovik Canada Day Events

Postville and Makkovik will be celebrating Canada Day tomorrow.

Everyone will be meeting at the Kaipokok Community Centre at 1pm and parade will start at 1:30.

The prize draw will take place after the parade, meeting at the Community Centre for the decorated vehicle, ATV, bicycle, stroller/wagon, and Canada Day Attire.

Everyone will gain entries for each category that they qualify in.

The deadline for the best decorated window contest will be at 12:30 noon and must be at least 3 entries for a prize to be awarded.

Please submit your pictures to the Postville Recreation digitally or call 479-9775 to request for them to take a picture of your window.

The fireworks will be at 10:30pm.

The Canada Day events in Makkovik this year will be celebrated virtually.

They will be having a week long fishing contest, running from today, June 30th to Friday, July 3rd.

There will be two categories; the longest fish and the heaviest fish.

You are also asked to post your pictures for proof of your catch.

They would like to see your vehicles, bicycles, strollers, and even yourself decorated for tomorrow, July 1st.

Also tomorrow, they will be having a Canada Day themed Scavenger Hunt and the list of items will be posted that morning.

We hope everyone enjoys their day, we are sorry to inform that at this time, there will be no fireworks, and please remember to keep social distancing.