Postville Easter Games

The community of Postville already held their Easter Games for the year.

On Thursday, April 1st they had an Easter Bingo at the Community Centre.

Monday, April 5, they started off with their annual Bryce Gear Memorial Shooting Match for ages 16+ from 10-11:30am.

In the afternoon they had Kid’s outdoor events for ages 0-13.

Later in the afternoon they had Adult/Teens outdoor games for ages 13-17 games.

For Ages 18+ was Bucksaw Competition, Junk Throw, Human Dog Team Race, Upside Down Running Race, Disorientation Game, 4-Legged Race, Gas Can Race, Backwards Running Race, and Snowshoe Race.

They ended the events with a Family Scavenger Hunt, and at 7pm there was a Poker Run for ages 14+ at the Community Centre.

The Postville Recreation Committee thanks everyone that made donations and sponsored the Easter Games this year. They couldn’t have done it without you all.