No Results of AngajukKak Results, Due NO Internet, Long distance

Due to no long distance and no internet for two days in Nain, Ok radio has not been able to get the results on the Election’s for AngajukKat that took place in the north coast communities yesterday.

But, soon as the long distance and internet is back we will announce how the elections went.

Election Day for AngajukKat was yesterday, Tuesday, September 11, 2018.

The nominated candidates were, in Hopedale – Marjorie Flowers, Jim Tuttauk and Charlotte Lucy- Piercy.

In Makkovik – Herbert Jacque and Barry Andersen.

Postville – Diane Gear, Glen Sheppard and Angela Michlin.

Rigolet – Darryl Shiwak, Charlotte Wolfrey, Richard Rich and Oz Allen.

In Nain, Julius (Joe) Dicker accalaimed.