No Public Exams

Final public exams will not be conducted in the province this June.

Mid-term exams were cancelled for January very early on, with the decision now being extended to include end of year exams.

Education Minister Tom Osborne made the announcement on VOCM Open Line this morning.

Education officials are looking at what the future of standardized testing will look like, but for this year, there will be no mid-term or final exams.

Despite that, Osborne believes there is value in standardized tests.

Public exams were eliminated in the province for a few years in the 1990s.

He says at the time, post-secondary institutions indicated that high school students from this province were ill-prepared for post-secondary compared to students from other areas.

Osborne indicates they’ll be taking a “deep dive” to address standardized testing.

Story courtesy of the VOCM.