NL Reports Cases

Newfoundland and Labrador has just reported that 4 more people died from COVID-19, according to the Health Department’s weekly update today.

2 of the deaths were in the Eastern Health region, 1 was in the Central Health region, and 1 in the Labrador Grenfell region. 1 was in their 40’s, 1 in their 60’s, 1 in their 70’s and 1 in their 80’s or older.

According to the department, 16 people are in hospital, down from 17 last week, with 2 of them in critical care.

6 people are in the Eastern Health hospital, 7 in the Central Health, and 3 in the Western Health. No one is in the Labrador Grenfell hospital due to COVID-19.

The province is reporting 295 new cases, though case numbers don’t represent the true spread of COVID-19 in NL because PCR tests have limited eligibility requirements, and daily case counts include only positives found in testing done by Health authorities, not positive by residents performing their own rapid tests.

Wednesday’s update comes 2 days after children aged 6 months to 5 year olds became eligible for COVID-19 vaccination in NL.