NL Moravian Churches open

The Newfoundland and Labrador Moravian Churches will resume services Sunday with restrictions.

In Alert Level 2, places of Worship may host services of no more than 50 people, or 50% capacity. This includes a Minister, staff and volunteers, to best prevent the spread of COVID-19.

Services pose a risk of COVID-19 transmission through: gatherings, sharing ceremonial objects, Communion and singing.

Physical distancing of 2 meters (6feet) must be maintained between congregants, people from the same bubble can sit together without social distancing.

Common use items should not be used such as books and hymnals.

Exit from place of worship is by dismissing individuals by section, rather than all at once.

Handshaking, hugging, touching or passing objects between people are not permitted.

Singing and playing brass instruments and sharing instruments is not recommended due to risk of spread of virus. Choirs are not permitted.

Congregational singing is discouraged, participants can hum. Offering of infant, child minding is not permitted, children have to stay with their families in church.

If you are over 60 years of age and have medical condition consider delaying the worship, stay home if your sick.