New Travel Restrictions in Effect Yesterday

Newfoundland and Labrador’s new travel restrictions came into effect yesterday at 3 pm, and that’s causing headaches for travelers hoping to get home for the holidays.

The new restrictions require fully vaccinated travellers to isolate for five days and take rapid tests on each of those five days.

That doesn’t necessarily mean that those returning to the province have to isolate away from family members says Health Minister John Haggie. He says some families may choose to isolate together.

He says the arriving traveller must self-isolate. On arrival they will receive a box of five rapid test kits which they will have to administer—one each day—until the five days are over and all the tests come back negative, then they “can go about their business,” says Haggie. If the family decides to isolate together, then the same rules apply.

Meanwhile, Haggie says 811 and even 911 is “jammed” with calls from travellers trying to get information on what is required starting today.

He says the website has clear instructions on what is expected of travelers, and if there are further questions people can email