Nain Youth & Elders gathering

The Nain Youth Outreach Worker is currently looking for 8 more youth to take part in this year’s Youth & Elders gathering for this April.

Are you a youth between the ages of 16 to 30 and want more involvement in programs that are focused on cultural traditions, and to learn how to practice them on the land? Then this will be a great way for you.

So far 2 youth are signed up to participate in the Youth & Elders Gathering.

We spoke with Ocean Wyatt, who is the Youth Outreach Worker for DHSD.

The gathering will be taking place on April 26-29 at the Iggiak Camp.

She says she wants to hold programs that are focused on cultural practices where youth can connect on the land and to build a relationship with youth and elders.

She says her goal as the Youth Outreach worker is to mainly hold workshops and programs that are land based and culturally related.

Wyatt says that she will also be networking with other departments within DHSD to offer land based programming in the near future.

And she is hoping to hold sewing workshops, boil ups, fishing trips, and hunting trips In the near future.

If you want to find out more about this Youth and Elders gathering you can contact Ocean Wyatt by calling her at 922-2126 ext: 250 or by email: