Nain Moravian Church Ringing in Its 247th Anniversary

The Nain Moravian Church will be celebrating its 247th Anniversary on Monday, February 19, 2018.

The Moravian Church was established in 1771.

On this day, February 19th, the first Inuk was baptized in 1776.

His name was Kimmingusi, and he was baptized Peter.

The Moravian Church and the town celebrate this day annually.

As the Nain Congregation celebrates the morning service, the Nain Choir sings “Ahak, Ahak Gudibta Iglunga” as the second bell is ringing.

The Church services are held at 10 am, the lovefeast takes place at 3 pm, and the closing service goes at 5 pm.

The OKalâKatiget Society will be closed on Monday, February 19th in observance of the Moravian Church anniversary.