Nain ICG postions

The Nain Inuit community government put out six positions for Trail markers for the upcoming winter trail.
They are looking to hire four people to mark the trail between the communities of Nain and Natuashish.
And two people to maintain the trail, and four people to pull up the markers once the season is over.
Requirements are applicants must have extensive knowledge of the land and sea ice between Nain and Natuashish, must be reliable, and must own a Kamutik and a snowmobile in good working order with provisions to mount a 12-volt adapter for a GPS.
Rate of pay is $15.50 per hour plus $50 per day for rental of snowmobile and Kamutik.
If required, an extra $20 for the snowmobile/Kamutik rental if overnight trip.
Duties as followed are to paint and prepare markers, make storage boxes for safety equipment, place markers on trail, make weekly inspections of the trail and replace markers if necessary, and to provide weekly written reports to the NICG.
Any interested applicants can apply in writing to the town manager on or before January 17 2019.