Nain Events This Week

There are some Advent events going on this week here in Nain.

Tonight there will be an Advent Sleepover at the Jeremias Sillett Community Centre for ages 16-30 years.

Make sure to bring a stocking, pajamas and they would like no devices while at the sleepover.

It will be a night of games and watching movies.

Tomorrow, November 30th, there will be an Advent sale at the JS Community Centre at 12 noon. Admission is fee is $1.00. And a rummage sale, tables are available at a cost of $10.00 each, to reserve a table contact the Recreation Department at 922-2690 or 2691.

The money will be funded to support the Jens Haven Memorial School Huskies.

Another group, The Women of Worth (WOW) Group will also have their Advent sale at the JS Centre at 12 noon tomorrow.