Nain and Makkovik Fishery

The fishery in both Nain and Makkovik have been busy and are going well so far.

Deidi Kohlmeister the Supervisor for the Nain Fish plant.

She says a total of 5,719 lbs of char have been landed, as well as a total of 10,265 lbs of green scallops, and 135 lbs scallop meats.

Kohlmeister says they have one shift on the go and 28 employees are working.

She adds that there are 7 commercial char fishermen that smoked char are now for sale at $16.50 a pound and scallop at $19.00 a pound.

Meanwhile at the Makkovik fish plant, Angel Chaulk is the Clerk.

She says a total of 241,210 lbs of snow crab have been landed, there are 25 employees including 8 summer students, and two crab boats are out fishing and two boats are tied up.

She adds that while they wait on the boats, so many employees called in to start a secondary on crab.