Nain and Makkovik Fish Plant Update

The Makkovik and Nain fish plant employees are busy with crab and char.

Deidi Kohlmeister is the Office Supervisor for the plant.

She says there are seventeen employees cleaning Char at the moment and there are four fishermen fishing.

She says 1,715lbs of Char has been landed to this date.

She adds there are frozen Char to sell and it is five dollars and seventy five cents a pound.

In Makkovik we spoke with Junior Andersen who is the Production Manager.

He says fifty employees are working on crab.

Andersen says 220,676lbs of crab has been landed to date and there are seven crab boats fishing.

The prices of the snow crab are as follows;

Fresh Section:
$8 per pound

Frozen selections:
5-8 oz $11 per pound
8-10oz $13 per pound
10-12 oz$14 per pound
12-14oz $14.50 per pound

He adds that the Makkovik fish plant need more employees to work at the fish plant, so if anyone interested can call 923-2103