Music & Art Show

The Happy Valley Goose Bay Labrador Friendship Center Shield Project will be having a Music and Art Show in partnership with our Labrador recording artists such as Matthew Barrett, Richard Neville and Jacinda Beals.

We spoke with Denise Cole the Project Coordinator.

She says the deadline to apply is tomorrow March 19 to be a part of this incredible musical adventure.

They are looking for youth between of 13-18 yrs of age from Goose Bay, Mud Lake and Sheshatshiu, or North West River.

They are looking for musicians, singers, dancers, actors, artists, poets, comedians, and technicians.

They are also looking for people who can donate to the show, so if you have any wigs, or costume sets please let them know.

To register for this amazing youth opportunity, you can send your name, age, phone number, and your parent/guardian name and number to Denise Cole by contacting her at or call her at 709-896-8302.