Moose Licenses

The Nunatsiavut Government has 25 moose licenses available to be drawn and harvested by Beneficiaries of the Labrador Inuit Land Claims Agreement for the 2021-2022 hunting season.

The 2021-2022 Beneficiary moose licenses are distributed as follows:

– Nain, 8 licenses – 6 household draw, 2 community freezers
– Hopedale, 4 licenses – 4 household draw
– Postville, 2 licenses – 2 household draw
– Makkovik, 3 licenses – 3 household draw
– Rigolet, 4 licenses – 4 household draw
– Happy Valley-Goose Bay, 3 licenses – Community freezer only
– Northwest River, 1 license – Community freezer only

Household draw licenses will be valid for 14 days. If a license is not filled within 14 days, a new draw will take place to designate a new hunter. This will continue until all licenses are filled.

Interested Beneficiaries must apply at their local Nunatsiavut Government office and there is a limit of one license per household. You must present yourself at a Nunatsiavut Government office to have your name entered into a draw.

Proof of residency as well as your Beneficiary card may be requested.

The 2021-2022 Moose hunting season opens today, Tuesday, September 14 and will close on Monday, March 7, 2022.

Beneficiaries with questions or comments can contact Wildlife Manager Jason Dicker at 709 922 2942.