Men’s Net Making Program in Postville

The Department of Health and Social Development of Postville are quiet busy with a Men’s Net Making Program.

We spoke with Vyann Andersen who is the Mental Health and Addictions Worker.

She says this program has been going on since August 5th, and this program goes on each week. There are a total of 12 men who are in this program.

Andersen says that there are 2 men teaching this program and they are Donald Gear, and Henry Lane. One is an elder and one is a local.

There is currently a hold up due to lack of materials, so they are waiting on the freight boat to continue on.

Each man are learning how to mend nets, also learning how to make their very own net. When they are complete in this Net Making Program they will go home with their very own net they have made. So far this is going very well.

Andersen adds that when they receive rest of their materials they will work on their foot ropes of the net, known as a lead rope.

In the future more when they are complete with this program, Andersen says the men want to still work as a group and they want to learn how to make Snow Shoes.