March 2021 Year End Review

March 1, BMO and ITK reported moving to Alert Level 1 to Alert Level 5 for all the province.

All students return to classes on the north coast communities that day. New *B117 was a concern for NL where there were 88 cases in the United Kingdom.

March 2, NG announced 2020 Commercial Fishery Applications for the north coast communities and Upper Lakeville beneficiaries. NG approved a 5-year Language Strategy for Labrador Inuktitut.

March 4, Trail markers put down on the harbor in Nain. Master Apprentice program received funds for NunatuKavut. BMO and ITK partnered to help people in Inuit Nunangat.

March 5, NG announced 33 moose harvested for the north coast. First Light, Aboriginal Centre hires Stacy Howse as New Executive Director. NG announced 100 caribou and 25 Muskox will be delivered from Port Manvers by Green Team Construction. NL reported 84 new cases in the province. NL announced province moving back to Alert Level 4 in March 13. National Day of Observance was started for people who lost ones in Canada.

Mar.13 marks one year the World Health Organization was declared a global pandemic. Government of Canada to help food needs to First Nations, Inuit and Metis. Also, daylight Savings happens on the weekend. Public Health hoped the outbreak at St. Clare’s was over. NL reported moving to Alert Level 3 in the province. George Lyall of Nain retired from his position as Adult Probation Officer from the Justice Department. The caribou and muskox meat arrived Labrador. Illusuak Centre opened their door for the public in Nain. Also, the fitness room up JS Centre opened. Easter Bunny visited outside of people’s homes in Nain. Andrea Proctor new book titled “A Long Journey” about residential school in NL was published.

March 23, NL reported moving back to Alert Level 3. HOPE Lights was put up at the Nain Ballfield. The significance and the make of the Labrador Flag flies proudly since 2017. Elections of NL was published on the weekend on March17.