LWG Mini Takeout Sale

The Nain Labrador Winter Games team will be having a Mini Takeout Food sale as part of their fundraising January 18, 2019.

Roxanne Andersen is the Labrador Winter Games Coordinator for the Nain team.

She says this is a great way to raise monies to help reach their goal for the track suits.

The Mini Takeout Food fundraiser will be held at the Jeremias Sillitt Community Center this Saturday, starting at 2 PM.

Here is what will be on the menu for that day.

Hotdog or hamburger with poutine $13.

Hotdog or hamburger and fries with or without gravy $11

Hotdog or hamburger and fries $10

Hotdogs $3

Hamburgers are being sold for $4 each, if you want to add cheese it will be an extra .50 cents.

Fries are being sold for $5 each, Fries & Gravy $7 and Poutine selling for $8 each.

For more information you can contact Roxanne Andersen via Facebook.