LWG Coordinators

The Labrador Winter Games Coordinators in Hopedale, Makkovik and Rigolet are practising for the games.

Gemma Andersen is the Coordinator for Makkovik.

She says there are 17 players picked for their team, they usually do snowshoeing during the weekend and go to the gym once a week to play indoor games.

Meanwhile, shooters are doing their target practices on their own and they’re following the recreation schedule registered for the community.

If you would like to help them with fundraising, they have an online auction running until Monday, January 23, and out of town members are helping by doing hockey blocks; they’re in the works to set up bingo for the community.

The Coordinator for Team Rigolet is Tony Wolfrey.

Wolfrey says they haven’t finished all the tryouts, so they should have the whole team by next week.

With regards to practising, they are doing well, doing practises in the gym during the weekends and practise outdoor sports during the week.

Team Rigolet has already done a little fundraising; they’ve asked for some funds from their local trust fund to help with fees.

Teams haven’t been picked yet, but once they are picked, they will see how much in total they will need to make it to the games in March.