The 2019 Labrador Winter Games is fast approaching; the opening ceremony will take place this Sunday March 17 starting at 7pm at the EJ Broomfield Arena.

And on Monday March 18 the Mealy Mountain Collegiate will have their first game of Volley Ball at 8:30am followed by Target Shooting Day 1 at the Rod & Gun Club.

And at 8:30 am the Snowshoe races for both Female and Male heats will be at the MMC Sportplex.

Then at 4pm the Medal Presentation for the Volleyball will be held at the Mealy Mountain Collegiate School.

At 7pm athletes and special guests will hold a movie night at the Arcturus Theatre.

We also spoke with Matthew Barrett the Manager for the LOBAC.

He says on Tuesday evening The Lawrence O’Brien Art Center will be holding the LWG concert.

The LWG concert begins 7:30pm with Performances by Jacinda Beal, David Penashue from sheshahitu, the Silver Wolf Band, Laura Taylor and the HVGB drum dancers.

Half way through the concert there will be a Labrador fashion show of traditional Labrador clothing.

The concert will end off with a performance by Drum dancers, with David Penashue and Keryn Andersen singing “Sons of Labrador”

There were a Total of 56 tickets, $15 each and are quite limited; as seats are reserved for the athletes.