Labrador Land Protectors Protesting in Ottawa (Audio) UPDATED

The Labrador Land Protectors (LLP) are protesting the Muskrat Falls megaproject in Ottawa today.

Matthew Behrens is a member and coordinator of the Ontario Muskrat Solidarity Coalition.

Behrens says the coalition is a group across the province of Ontario who work alongside with and support the LLP.

The LLP and his coalition have gathered together on Parliament Hill in Ottawa today.

The gathering is called “See Their Faces, Hear Their Voices”.

They are attempting to non-violently enter the House of Commons and place pictures of those they feel are at risk from the effects of the Muskrat Falls megaproject on all 343 MP’s desks.

LLPs expected to be in attendance included Elders Jim Learning and Eldred Davis, as well as Marjorie Flowers.

Angus Andersen is handing out water bottles of Muskrat Falls’ water containing methyl mercury to MP’S as a statement against methyl mercury poisoning from the project.

The action is in response to the 9.2 billion dollars in funding that the federal government has invested in the Muskrat Falls mega-dam project.

Labrador MP Yvonne Jones met with the group of protestors outside the House of Commons a short time ago.

To hear an interview with Behrens on the group’s plans for today, click HERE.

UPDATE: Members of the Labrador Land Protectors and other members of the Muskrat Falls protest group, including Matthew Behrens, have been arrested on Parliament Hill. LLP’s arrested include Jim Learning, Eldred Davis, and Marjorie Flowers.