Labrador Land Protectors Arrested and Detained on Parliament Hill (Audio)

LLPs Protest on Parliament Hill on May 7, 2018
Photo Courtesy of Dr. Peter Stockdale

A group protesting the Muskrat Falls megaproject, including three prominent Labrador Land Protectors, was arrested and detained on Parliament Hill yesterday.

Matthew Behrens is a member and coordinator of the Ontario Muskrat Solidarity Coalition, and one of the people detained.

He says the group entered Prime Minster Trudeau’s office yesterday, but were removed from the area.

Angus Andersen was able to deliver bottles of methyl mercury water from Muskrat Falls, and the group delivered pictures of people they say are at risk as a result of the Muskrat Falls project.

They held a rally on Parliament Hill and spoke to three MP’s, including Labrador MP Yvonne Jones.

15 of the protestors ended up being arrested and detained by Parliamentary security and RCMP; they ranged in age from 28 to 92 years.

Those arrested were given Ban and Bar Notices stating that they weren’t able to go on Parliament Hill for the next 90 days.

According to Behrens, Labrador Land Protectors Marjorie Flowers, Jim Learning, and Eldred Davis led the actions that resulted in their arrest by crossing a line established by police and security personal.

Marjorie Flowers, however, was the only one put in handcuffs.

The group arrested were read their rights by police.

However, in the end, none of the protestors were charged.

To hear an interview with Behrens describing what happened yesterday, click HERE.