Key Assets in Nain

Key Assets Newfoundland and Labrador is a non profit organization providing residential care and support services for young people and families with complex needs.

The Nunatsiavut Government and CSSD are in partnership with Key Assets.

We spoke with Dave Martin who is the Director of Children and Families Services with Key Assets for the Labrador Region.

He says their main goal is to help young children and youth who are in involved with CSSD care to be kept in their home communities.

Key Assets was established in Newfoundland and Labrador for over 10 years since January, 2009.

And right now they have a Key Assets in their community of Hopedale, and they have been in operation now since 2016.

Martin says they recently had 3 job positions out for the community of Nain.

Key Assets were asked by CSSD to open a home in Nain for children who are in care and would like to live in their home town.

He adds that the positions are full time positions, 2 child care positions and possible a third position that will be part time.

They are leasing a home in Nain and they main goal is to help young children and youth who are in care to live in their own communities.

For more information about this you can contact Dave Martin by email at:

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