July Year End Review

On July 3, Air Canada canned 14 flights across Canada which hit Labrador and especially the West, and Wabush is hopeful other airlines will step in to fill the gap by Air Canada.

Also Dr. Janice Fitzgerald feared surrounding NL joining Atlantic Bubble Friday, July 3, but said Health System is prepared and the province is in a different place than it was in March.

On July 6, NG offered Inuktitut classes on Facebook with Sarah Townley as instructor till September. Also Elder Nellie Winters of Makkovik new book is released. And NL schools are to reopen come September.

The English River near Postville started operations on July 6. On July 7, Nain Inuit Community Government received funds to provide each household with a $250 cheque for COVID-19 relief. And it was announced the overall incidence of COVID-19 is low in the province.

July 8 saw new resources for the school year and back to school plans.

July 9, Both Nain and Makkovik Fishplants opened.

July 13, TRHA made selections for new homeowners in Nain, Hopedale, Rigolet.

July 14, NG made changes in the Support Programs in home heating and electricity to be evaluated in September and marine harvester reduced to 25 litres.

July 15 two sailboaters were escorted out by police in Makkovik after a unexpected arrival to town, flying a Norwegian flag.

July 16, NL’s borders will unlikely open to more travelers before July is out.

July 17 it was a dry town in Nain with no running water.

July 20 the two sailboaters who landed Makkovik unexpectedly on an Norwegian pleasure boat may face up to $5,000.

July 23, Nain char fishery was going well and Makkovik had one crab boat fishing. July 24 the government of NL regretted to advice that they’re unable to proceed to deliver apologies to Inuit residential school survivors last March due to COVID-19.

July 27 all festivals were cancelled on the north coast communities.

July 27, Torngat 1 scallop boat left Nain for their first drag for scallop.