JHMS Seeking Employees

The Jens Haven Memorial School is currently seeking employees.

Jacob Larkin is the Principal at the JHMS.

He says currently they are looking for an Illusivut teacher to assist with Grades 4-9.

Students at the JHMS did not have the opportunity to have the Illusivut program the full year due to lack of Illusivut teacher.

In an Illusivut program Children are instructed in certain traditional ways of life.

They will be taught how to knit as well as other with wool works, duffle work, embroidery beadwork, woodworking, and soapstone carving.

Larkin says right now the JHMS primary Illusivut teacher is Darlene Howell, she assists with the K-3 students.

He adds that they are also looking for an Inuktitut teacher for Grades 4-9.

In the JHMS primary school the Inuktitut teacher is Julie Dicker.

He adds that they are also looking for a custodian or janitorial person and a Home School Community Liaison.

If anyone is interested in any of these positions please contact Jacob Larkin at the JHMS at 922-2813.