James Igloliorte Visiting Communities (Audio)

The Federal Government has organized and paid a contractor to visit the Residential School Survivors in their communities in Labrador and Nunatsiavut.

Retired Judge James Igloliorte has been awarded the contract.

He says the purpose of the visits is to get some stories from the survivors who attended residential schools.

Igloliorte says he was in Cartwright this morning, and is into his second day there.

He says he met with half a dozen survivors to date, and with this being the first phase of hearing stories, he expects more people will come forward with their stories.

He added he will be travelling to Hopedale next on Tuesday, February 20- 22, 2018.

Survivors were sent a letter of these upcoming visits to them dated Sunday, January 31, 2017.

The letter stated that this is a unique opportunity to memorialize not just your own stories, but those of your fellow survivors who passed on, as well as the stories of the communities and your family.

And that it is also important to document the history of these institutions, so that the world will know what happened, and so the stories will not disappear.

To hear Igloliorte give more details on these visits he’ll be making this month, and in March and April, click HERE