Inuktitut Speak-Off

The 16th Annual Inuktitut Speak-Off will be held in Makkovik on January 16, 2019 at 7pm at the John Christian Erhardt Memorial School gym.

There will be nine students participating from the four communities.

Participants from Makkovik are Hannah Gear, Lucas Lane and Michelle Nochasak and the Inuktitut Teacher is Hulda Rice.

Hopedale participants are Kendra Winters and Eliza Tuglavina and Inuktitut Teacher is Rosie Piercy.

Students from Nain are Emelia Angnatok and Samantha Saksagiak and Inuktitut Teacher is Julie Dicker.

Rigolet participants also has two students Shania Williams and Ocean-Pottle Shiwak and Inuktitut teacher is Ellen Adams.

The Judges for this year are Katie Haye from Makkovik, Joan Dicker from Nain, and Gus Semigak from Hopedale.

This comes from the Curriculum Centre.