Indigenous Services Canada is Seeking 200 Face Masks

There is a contract opportunity for Inuit sewers.

Indigenous Services Canada is seeking 200 face masks made by Inuit women for use by the department.

You must be Inuk or an Inuit-owned business to be eligible.

The order will be for 200 rectangular masks that are single layer cotton with elastic to go over the ears.

If you are interested in this opportunity, please contact Natalie Ittinuar at or Christine Lund at with the following information:

• Your name and your business name (if applicable)
• Contact information (email and phone number)
• How long it would take to provide the masks (days or weeks)
• Where you are located
• Your price either per mask or the total price for 200 masks
• If you can take payment by Mastercard. If not, please note how you would like to be paid
• If you are a registered or private business.

They will forward your information to Business Development, Indigenous Services Canada, for consideration and decision.

Please also let them know if you would be interested in future opportunities.

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