Housing Bill

The new Housing Bill was read during the second reading at the House of Assembly last week in Hopedale.

We spoke with Kate Mitchell the First Minister of the Nunatsiavut Government and Ordinary Member for Makkovik.

She says everything is laid out in the Housing Act and it will come into effect by order of the president, Johannes Lampe.

The bill was passed by the Nunatsiavut Assembly and one of the first things that must happen is that the Nunatsiavut Execrative Council must consult with Torngat Housing about the impact of the bill.

This will include Torngat Housings role and functions regarding their programs and liabilities and assets, clients and personelle .

The new Act will broaden the variety of housing programs available, providing a better and fairer system, to our beneficiaries.

A special committee was established to consult with Inuit, Inuit communities as well as Torngat Regional Housing Association, for the purpose of preparing a report to be tabled at the Nunatsiavut Assembly before second reading.

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